Cabin Design

Disassembled Cabin – Ready for VW-T5-Chassis Integration

Sensor Approach – 3x360° Environment Recognition and Fusion

Innovative Sensor Concept:

  • Redundant synthesis by three different sensor technologies
  • Full 360° coverage for each system
  • In case of inplausibilities: „2 of 3“
  • Lidar: 6 x stationary + 2 x rotating (up to 200 m)
  • Radar: 6 x (up to 250 m)
  • Camera: 360° Surround View + Specialized Cams

Simulation of Environment Perception

Simplified sensor simulation (e.g. range limited to 20 m for better understanding)

Highly efficient development process through virtualization

  • Real-life situation: Junction at „Messe Leipzig“ (traffic light No. 113)
  • Junction „Messe Leipzig“ ported into simulation tool „CarMaker“