Route Overview

  • approx. 7 km route length/direction
  • 7 stops
  • 11 traffic lights
  • 1 level crossing

Status Quo existing projects

  • Upgrading traffic computer
  • Replacing and renewing of control units
  • Use of road-side units for C2I communication
  • Renewing of cable network
  • Use quality performed traffic light control (traffic signal priority)
  • Development of algorithms for queue length estimation and traffic light prediction

System Architecture

Traffic Light Control & Traffic Signal Priority

  • city of Leipzig
  • transport information system of Leipzig
  • FIFO-Priorization for public transport is not physically sensible and feasible in every traffic situation.
  • FIFO-Priorization can have a negative effect on traffic quality and public transport operating quality.

Traffic Light Control & Traffic Signal Priority>>> Quality optimized traffic light control

  • Prioritization for certain public transport vehicles
  • Withhold premature vehicles
  • Concerning the planned order of public transport vehicles at decisive nodes
  • Reliable connections in public transport
  • Considering traffic situation of all transport users
  • Improving punctuality
  • Reduction in the spread of travel time
  • Improvement in transport quality for all transport users
  • Saving of traction energy
  • Ensuring the efficiency
  • Avoiding interruptions of green waves by public transport
  • Enviromentally friendly mobility on main traffic axes