WP 3: Control Center


ABSOLUT Control Center - Concept

As a central component, the ABSOLUT control center serves the new aspects and requirements that arise for control centers as superordinate control elements for autonomous buses in public transport.

Complex relationships and functions, such as monitoring and controlling the electronic equipment in the vehicle (on-board computer, dynamic passenger information, passenger interaction systems, video surveillance, communication relationships between the control center and the vehicle’s electronic equipment, etc.), are particularly important in the implementation of the “Control Center” work package.
Another task is to bring the multitude of functionalities into a transparent and user-friendly form.
This is done in a control software with configurable, web-based GUI.

ABSOLUT Control Center – Overview

ABSOLUT Control Center - Objectives

  • Development of a control center with features for guiding and monitoring autonomous buses and interaction with conventional control centers
  • Intelligent driver replacement functions and information exchange with the Autonomous Driving System (ADS) in the vehicle
  • Standardized interfaces for connection to traffic control center
  • Development of intelligent and flexible deployment regimes, including individual call service for the customer
  • Guiding passengers with intelligent visual and acoustic passenger information
  • Extending the existing public transport models for autonomous driving and electric vehicles