Objectives and USP's

  • Definition of type-approval rules and homologation procedures
  • 24/7 user-friendly on-demand service
  • Wide usage range and high reasonability (through minimized needs for infrastructure support)
  • Operation in public mixed traffic areas (track length 7 km)
  • Customary speeds inside the operational areas
  • Latest sensor technologies and high level of automatization

Feature/Functional Criteria

Included in ABSOLUT

Battery-Electric Powertrain
Intended SAE-Level 4
(public transport)
Automated fulfillment of complex scenarios:

• Turn left/right
• Give way
• Stop at traffic lights/crossroads
• Lane change
• Sharp turns/bends

Connection to public transport control center
Car2X communication with road-sideinfrastructure
(traffic lights and tram crossing)
Intended max. speed up to 70 km/h
Triplex sensor technology (camera, lidar, radar)
including real-time sensor data fusion
Environmental analysis incl. object classification

Trajectory calculation based on free-space determination